Future Technology

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future-technology1Of course no one can fully predict the future there are regarding what future technology will hold in store hints. In the last decade we have seen quite an evolution regarding computers and cell phones. After foreign terms like ‘tablet computers’ and ‘Ultrabooks’ are a reality and makes are impressively finding means to keep memory and more processing power on smaller and smaller devices.There have been some interesting studies done on technology looking ahead including the web site which is part spooky frightening and part fabulous amusement. Then there are others, like the one released by BBC News in January 2013 which makes forecasts for the New Year like the ability for patients to be prescribed medical uses by their physicians in addition to forecasts five, ten and even twenty years down the road which foresee an electronic money, the ability for your computer to feel odor, just automated autos and more.

No matter how outlandish some theories might appear one thing is certain is that future technology is only going to become more and more complex. Not only that, but expect to find technology continue to be more of a variable in regular lifestyle as the most recent styles are certainly not fads.

Expect to find apparatus or tablet computers with a similar size and functions continue to be able of doing more. If it completely likely that cell phones, cameras, mp3 players, etc could one day all be merged into one single apparatus, though how fast that can happen is questionable as reducing several individual electronic devices to one single product would necessarily damage profits of major corporations like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google and others.

Speed will continue to be of the upmost importance. Users will expect advice to be transferred nearly concurrently, just as fast as it is being transmitted. Communicating, which is going to digital means, will continue to be a heart for individuals looking to join with friends and not only family but folks from all over the world.